Billy 202 miles

Sat. a.m. - 14 miles, including 3 miles at the Boston College indoor track in 4:48, 4:54, and 4:48, with a half mile jog betweeen runs. p.m. 16 miles

Sunday a.m. - 20 miles on hills. p.m. 10 miles easy

Mon. a.m. - 17 miles. p.m. 13 miles

Tues. a.m. - 16 miles. p.m. - 13 miles

Wed. a.m. - 16 miles. p.m. 13 miles

Thurs. a.m. 16 miles. p.m. 15 miles

Fri. a.m. 23 miles on the Boston Marathon course.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Need more oxygen

Feel really tired when I hit the hills today and yesterday with Polly. today I was 1:43:50 and tired in the breathing department, must be working the oxygen stores. Trail run wet but it's drying out. Trails should be better tomorrow. 2----12 mile runs to go in this 3 week phase of mileage. Looking forward to recharging the batteries and hitting a good 5k.

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