Billy 202 miles

Sat. a.m. - 14 miles, including 3 miles at the Boston College indoor track in 4:48, 4:54, and 4:48, with a half mile jog betweeen runs. p.m. 16 miles

Sunday a.m. - 20 miles on hills. p.m. 10 miles easy

Mon. a.m. - 17 miles. p.m. 13 miles

Tues. a.m. - 16 miles. p.m. - 13 miles

Wed. a.m. - 16 miles. p.m. 13 miles

Thurs. a.m. 16 miles. p.m. 15 miles

Fri. a.m. 23 miles on the Boston Marathon course.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Graston day 3

well last day of physio, tender skin from all the graston, ART etc. This session was more painful and will be my last one. Easy runs coming up, steering clear of the adidas shoes with the hard plastic sprintframe, I believe this was the root of my calf problems........Tim pointed this one out. New Shoes are in Nike Kukini.

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