Billy 202 miles

Sat. a.m. - 14 miles, including 3 miles at the Boston College indoor track in 4:48, 4:54, and 4:48, with a half mile jog betweeen runs. p.m. 16 miles

Sunday a.m. - 20 miles on hills. p.m. 10 miles easy

Mon. a.m. - 17 miles. p.m. 13 miles

Tues. a.m. - 16 miles. p.m. - 13 miles

Wed. a.m. - 16 miles. p.m. 13 miles

Thurs. a.m. 16 miles. p.m. 15 miles

Fri. a.m. 23 miles on the Boston Marathon course.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

4th day legs recovered

4th 12 miler felt very good...legs good push off and breathing good. The fourth day is usually a good one for me. The cold bath and extra carbs may have had an impact on my recovery. I started drinking a carb drink after the runs to refuel the glycogen stores, which are becoming depleted. I was a lot faster today 1:41:00 (same effort) The first three runs were 1:45:58 Monday, 1:46:08 Tuesday, and a 1:47:00 Wednesday. Well off to have another cold bath to ease inflammation.

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